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Our Greenville Trainers Offers Lessons for Your Bird Dog

If you love to hunt, you know that a talented retriever can make all the difference in having a successful outing. Even with the hunting instincts that your animal’s breed has, knowing what to do in the field does not come naturally. A good bird dog is trained, not born. Lindley’s Kennel has been offering Greenville gun dog training since 1988.

Early, positive exposure to the elements of the hunt is needed to create a talented companion. You must understand your animal’s temperament, maturity level and motivators to achieve the best results. Introduce the noise of a firearm too early, and you could make your dog gun shy for life. Be too critical or commanding during early teaching attempts, and you can sap your pup’s confidence in the field. Because you want the best for your companion, consider professional field trial dog handling and development. With years of experience, our trainers know how to apply positive reinforcement to encourage pups to reach their breeds’ full potential. We avoid bad habits by only encouraging positive ones. We give your pup a positive introduction to the entire hunting experience from game to firearms. Because your animal stays with us, the program is consistent and without distractions.

An animal with a thorough grasp of the expectations in the field will be a safer one. With our methods, you can relax knowing that your hunting partner will obey your commands regardless of distractions. Our professionals will also show you the best way to handle your dog both on and off the field to ensure a positive, successful pairing.

Teaching Hunting to Canines in the Simpsonville and Piedmont Areas

Lindley’s Kennel in Piedmont has been helping generations of hunters like you in Simpsonville and Greenville create great field companions. Call us at 864-243-3583. If you need kennel services in Greer, Taylors or Anderson, we can also help.