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Greenville Professionals Expertly Grooming Dogs

Did you know that caring for your dog’s coat and nails is an important part of maintaining its health and comfort? For example, matted fur can hurt, causing your pet to lick the area. Excessive licking can lead to infected hot spots. Nails that are allowed to grow too long can interfere with your pet’s ability to walk correctly, potentially aggravating arthritis or other conditions. Whether you have a water dog with short hair or own a breed with more complicated requirements in Greenville, the groomers at Lindley’s Kennel can help.

Care for Perky Ears and Wagging Tails

Dog grooming requires more finesse than just a quick bath and a shave with the clippers. Different dog breeds have different types of coats. Some breeds even have their own style. For example, the poodle cut. Whatever the final haircut, each service begins with a good bathing. We use quality products that are appropriate for both the hair and skin type of your animal. Is your Labrador extra stinky? We have a shampoo for that. Does your tough Boxer have sensitive skin? Let us know and we will be sure to use extra gentle products. Discuss with us ahead of time any concerns you have. We want your animal to have a positive experience with us. The groomer will check ears, cleaning out wax and making sure bathwater doesn’t get inside. Anal glands will also be checked and expressed as needed to prevent painful impaction. Next, your dog will be combed, brushed and clipped as is appropriate for its coat.

Now is the perfect time for flea and tick prevention product application. We will help you make the best choice and get it applied properly for maximum effectiveness.


Keeping Your Pet’s Hair and Nails Clean in the Simpsonville and Piedmont Areas

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